Words of Wisdom – Conficius

A man is great not because he hasn’t failed;


A man is great because failure hasn’t stopped him.


Think on these things, friend.



Let me share an unedited sweet intercourse of words between two lovers.


#1st Lover

Can I ever dream

Would you just be the same you forever?

Not even a slight adjustment or slight inch of change?

What if I never like to see you change?

Wanting to bask in this happy little world of ours.

You think of tomorrow but my imagination doesn’t move beyond this second

What if I never wanna see you grow, to live in this moment like we are stuck in eternity?

Where the sand through the hourglass of life has ceased to fall.

Be my prince charming and let’s live a fairy tale life.

I will shut my eyes tight as I await a kiss of life.

Slow dancing all night under a cluster of stars

Can I ever dream?





#2nd Lover

Dream no more

Do not dream again my love

For if you dare to open your eyes

You would realise what you really have

And how close to your dreams this reality is

Fear not though I may change

Cos it’s human nature to grow

People change, or so I have been told

So pray thy God our love as well grows

And if we are ever stuck in eternal bliss

Yes we can dance and kiss

Right under the cluster of stars in your dream

Dream no more my love

You dreams have come true.


Is there someone who needs to know or be reminded of your Love? Is there someone you can share this with or write your own piece for? Don’t wait. Ask Ronan Keating why he wrote; If Tomorrow Never Comes.


Think on these things, friend.



It’s as simple an advice as you can get.

Say no to:

the flirt

the opportunity

the plan

the activity

the investment

the job

the hubby

the wife

the kid

the in-law

the boss.





Yes, learn to say no. Do not be a YES MAN because you are afraid of confrontation. Or you are eager to please. Maybe you are ever so ready to compromise. Stop it! Know when to say no to yourself, people and things. I would take some time later to elaborate on the subject.

In the meantime, anytime you are tempted to just say yes irrespective of the consequences, try out this simple advice.


Think on these things, friend.


After my last post, I have spent a few days thinking about the perfect love we all seek. A few years ago, my girlfriend broke up with me. She claimed I wasn’t right for her. In other words, I wasn’t perfect (at least for her). Well, if I described myself you would also come to the same conclusion so I don’t blame her. So I was left broken hearted.



After that experience, I have had a cascade of relationships which ended mostly because I projected my insecurities (from my imperfect state of mind) unto my partners. In each case, we broke up as fast as we started. Upon much reflection and counselling, I have come to a simple conclusion.


I do realise that many people find themselves in similar position. In fact, considering the universal rule that nobody is perfect, we all face this dilemma (except if you claim to be perfect). There should be some comfort in this. Why? Because in a society where people present themselves as the ideal partner, lover, employee or family, it can somewhat be daunting if you cannot hide your imperfection (how do you hide braces?).


Let’s not preach that we develop self-worth and confidence from others’ weaknesses and flaws. Neither should we be intimidated by some who appear angelic and perfect (we all know it’s a façade).

But this is what we have to say.
Become a better person. You should grow and develop yourself. Try straightening out the wrinkles in your personality. (This blog is here to help). I know I have. Thank God I’m better.

After posting this piece, I’m send a long overdue mail to my ex-girlfriend. Its subject:



Think on these things, friend.


My brother recently gave me a mini-series, THE AFRICAN CITY, to watch and critique. It is an adaptation of American popular TV Series, Sex and the City.


In one of the episodes, the four returnees shared various things they didn’t like about the guys they were dating. After watching, I smiled. I opened wordpress and started this new piece.

We all have an ideal man or woman. Someone who ticks off everything on the checklist. If you are lucky you will find a lover who does (though that’s rare, I would admit). At best, he/she has a few peculiarities which you would have to live with…love conquers, all right?

What inspired me to write was the realisation, that as these women discussed their flawed men, they were creating the model for the perfect man. After all, it’s only a woman who can create a perfect man. Why? Because they were God’s improvement on the original, Adam. I am sure if they presented a prototype, God would be awed.

untitled (11)untitled (13)

But this is what I want to share. It’s the fact that we cannot create people. Human creation is still exclusively divine. So what we all have to learn is to accept each other. Yes, he/she is flawed and that’s alright. Love him just the same, woman. Live with it, man.

Imagine how happier our relationships would be if we simply learn the corner stone of love – acceptance.

untitled (14)

Think on these things, friend.


There is the popular saying that, a cat has nine lives. This expression usually refers to the ability of the cat to escape dangerous and life threatening situations. I have seen one fall from the fifth floor of an apartment building and walk away like it had just been to Starbucks for a cappuccino.



Yes, they do have nine lives. Humans do not. Try even a third floor jump. You’d be the latest case of failed Super heroism in the ER.


Here I would like to adapt this saying to a lesson I recently learnt. Whiles cats have nine lives, you only have one. You don’t have nine lives. So make this one count because you’ll not get another shot when your life is all over.


Get saved & Serve God.

Live with a purpose.

Love your family.

Make a difference.

Help others when you can.

Put a smile on people’s faces.

Never forget, even if you are reincarnated, you’ll not come back as YOU. Here is a popular saying in Ghana – DO SOMETHING BEFORE YOU DIE.


Think on these things, friend.


I hope since we started talking about, Remember the Titans, you have checked the movie (if you have never seen it) or watched it again (though you have seen it before).

Lets discuss leadership. Coach Boone (played by Denzel Washington) demonstrates some of the most important qualities any leader can posses.



1. He was goal-oriented & committed.

2. He was very decisive.

3. He was a mentor & teacher (on and off the pitch)

4. He remained true to his belief and convictions.

5. He was able to inspire.

He did great in his role as a coach and leader. But let me point out that his assistant, Bill Yoast, did a marvellous job as well. Even more so because he was going to work under Coach Boone as his assistant after he had held the position of head coach previously. It took a lot of humility to stay and work under Boone.



His role was very critical to the success of his boss. Its the same in many other different settings. Though assistants are often not in the limelight, they are the pillars that hold up the stardom (success) of their heads. Appreciate them @ bosses. Recognize your value @ assistants.

Remember John C. Maxwell’s quote: EVERYTHING RISES AND FALLS ON LEADERSHIP, and on the assistants that supports and help him.


Think on these things, friend.

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